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5 Series AO 502

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5 Series AO 502  Alkaline Water System (AO Water)
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5 Series

  • Japanese high-tech baked platinum and titanium 5 plates electrolysis chamber and ceramic membrane
  • Provides four levels of alkaline water, one level of purified water and two levels of acid water
  • Equipped with an NSF-certified fiber activated carbon filter from USA
  • Smart automatic cleansing features
  • User-friendly LCD display for easy tracking and usage


Characteristies of Good Water
  • Free from harmful substances
(heavy metals, pesticide and chemical)

  • Contain appropriate amount of materials (Magnesium,potassium,calcium,sodium)
  • Alkalinity pH7.35 - pH10.5
  • Rich in Oxygen
  • Smaller waer molecule cluster
(high solubility and good permeability)

  • Loaded with negative lons in term of ORP


Operating Panel
  1. Water Signal LED ( Red, Blue)
  • Blue LED : Illuminates when dispending alkaline ion water or clean  water (Drinking water)
  • Red LED  : Iluminates when dispensing acidic ion water (not for drinking)
  • Red/Blue  : Illuminates alternately during cleaning of electrolysis cell
  1. Alkaline value LED indicator
  • Change according to alkaline level (left to right)
  • Green LED : Alkaline1  Alkaline2  Alkaline3
  • Blue LED    : Strong alkaline
  1. Clean water indicator LED (Green)
  • Neutral water at pH 7, use for medication and milk making
  1. Waek acid LED (Red)
  • Weak acid water is only use for cleaning  *Not for drinking
  1. Cleaning LED indicator (Red)
  • Eletrode Cleaning Process:
  1. Turn on water supply
  2. Press 'Clean' button
  3. When cleaning process completes,supply mode return to alkalinity mode automatically
  1. Replacement LED (Red)
  • The LED illuminates as the life span of filter reaches its maximum valume in water usage. Replace the filter then press and hold 'Reset' button for 3 seconds then release after a 'click' sound

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