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Coway-Neos-P-07CL-RO System

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Coway-Neos-P-07CL-RO System Coway
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Non-electric counter top water filtration system

Main Features:
- Continuous extraction
- Ultra-slim design
- Consistent water pressure
- Unique lever


Slim size


Non-electrical water filtration system

Its slim size makes it easy to install
in any place in your kitchen.
(About a half size of previous products)
Since it doesnt use electric power, it is safe, and no electric change is needed

Elegant design & Unique lever

- Sophisticated colors and designs make your home interior more elegant
- A beautifully-designed lever is also convenient to use


Continuous extraction

Continuous extraction is possible by just pulling down the lever 90


Consistent water pressure

Consistent water pressure protects the inside of the filtration device which otherwise could be broken by high water pressure


Anti-bacteria system inside the water tank

Ceramic filter controls the proliferation of microorganisms

Model P-07CL
Filter Size /
Filter Life Time
Plus-Sediment Filter


Carbon Filter 8(s)/5400 L (203mm/1400 gal)
Membrane Filter 8'(s)/6000 L (203mm/1600gak)-RO 20 GPD
Post-Carbon Filter Post-Carbon Block
Fine Filter 8'(s)/5400 l (203mm/1400 gal)
Ceramic UV Lamp Ceramic
Tank Capacity Ambient Water 3.5ℓ(0.8gal)
Cold Water -
Hot water -
Filtration Capacity 25!I,20 psi, 3.2L/hr (0.84 gal/hr)
Power Consumption -
(Width x Height x Depth)
7.9 x 14.6 x 15.4inch
200 x 390 x 370 mm
Net Weight 4.5kg(15.4lb)

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